A Focus On Youth

Your Spokane Law Enforcement Credit Union knows how important savings accounts are for our youth.  Not only does it get your foot in the door at a young age, but it opens you to the numerous opportunities available from our full-service credit union.  Whether your account was opened when you were first born or you have just come in at age 17 to establish a savings and checking account, we are here to serve your needs & get your financial foundation started.

~The only requirements for opening a youth account are:

1) $5 deposit for your “share” in the credit union
2) All necessary personal information for the main owner (the youth, age 17 and under) & joint owners, (every youth account requires at least one adult joint owner over the age of 18.) 
The personal information includes social security numbers, address(s), phone number(s), date of births, and state id for the joint owner (main owner if applicable) as well as email address(s).

Come in today to start your foundation for the future!



Check out These 3 sites, powered from Googolplex & CUNA

5 Spot is geared toward youth in elementary school

AJ's is for the Middle-school group

c-Note is for high school students