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Office Location
924 W. Sinto Avenue
Spokane WA 99201-2531

(509) 327-3244 (local)
(877) 550-3244 (toll-free)
(509) 327-2920 (fax)

Tel'lear: (Audio Response)
(509) 324-0106 (local)
(877) 774-0106 (toll-free)

To report Visa Credit Card lost or stolen:
Call "Credit Card customer service"
(800) 808-7230
For International Traveling:
(800) 847-2911

To report Visa Debit card lost or stolen:
Call First Data (800) 523-4175
Press 6 for lost/stolen

Rick Luna  (EMAIL RICK)

Bill Bunze (EMAIL BILL)    
Operations Supervisor

Susan Baird  (EMAIL SUSAN)
Accounting Clerk

Robyn Miller  (EMAIL ROBYN)
Marketing/Loan Officer

Wyatt Price  (EMAIL WYATT)
Financial Service Representative

Anne Meadows  (EMAIL ANNE)
Financial Service Representative

Mimi Strom  (EMAIL MIMI)
Loan Officer

General Information  (EMAIL INFO)


Commitment to core values-Spokane Law Enforcement Credit Union is firmly committed to handling all situations with honesty and integrity, to treating all members with dignity and respect, to providing responsive and reliable service, and to offering competitive value.”


Better service-Spokane Law Enforcement Credit Union's service is more than just friendly, accurate, and convenient. We pride ourselves on being responsive to our member's needs with quick answers and simple solutions. You can rely on Spokane Law Enforcement Credit Union to be there when you need us.”

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